Men's Pajama Sleep Shirts

Our men's sleep shirts are the perfect compliment to our pajama shorts and pants for sleep or lounging around on the couch.  The soft sleep shirt are lightweight, breathable and stretchy.  For cooler nights, add a men's sleep hoodie to keep you warmer while you get your rest.

Men's sleep tees are a great way to keep you cool during the summer months. They are comfortable and stylish, which is why they are so popular and always in trend. Your perfect night's sleep is just a layer away with our men's sleeping t-shirts and hoodies.

There is no better place to shop for night t-shirts and hoodies than Layer Sleepwear. Buy men's pajama shirts for you in timeless neutral colors like blues and greys. Perfect for lounging on the sofa while reading a book or getting some work done from home, just slip into the comfort of Layer Sleepwear with our selection of men's pajama sleep shirts, pajama hoodies, soft sleep shorts, and sleep pants.